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More comfort & savings

SpeedComforts blow warm air from your radiator into the room. The room heats up faster and more evenly. This immediately provides more home comfort. Save on gas consumption as well. In addition, SpeedComforts make it possible to lower the thermostat and the supply temperature of the water from your central heating boiler for the same comfort level.

Our customers rate SpeedComforts with an average of 9.4.


Impeccable. Très bon service.


Très bon produits. Expédition rapide.


Expédition rapide, montage facile

Easy to install and use

SpeedComforts can be fitted to most radiators and convectors. Simply click them under the radiator using the magnets. Or set them up on or under the convector using the supplied legs. The smart radiator fan switches itself on and off. Your home will heat up faster and more evenly, and still feel comfortable.
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Which SpeedComfort package should you choose?
SpeedComforts are available in sets of 1, 2 or 3. SpeedComforts are supplied complete with adapter, thermostat switch and connection cables (30 cm)
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